The Good Samaritan

Kolkata and its neighborhood has a vast number of ‘street children’ for whom the annual fest of Durga Puja means little. Last year (2015), however, Tapas Bagchi, an employee of Eastern Railway’s Howrah division and his associates thought of bringing some cheer to these children in whatever small way they could.
Through his organization OISTIC, Bagchi began their Durga Puja celebration by organizing a sumptuous lunch for all the ‘street children’ and their parents in the neighborhood. He arranged for new clothes and distributed them to over 1,500 children below the poverty level.
When asked about his humanitarian deed, Bagchi said that his years at the Railways had made him aware of the plight of the children spending their lives at the railway stations, and it had touched him deeply.
He also plans to set up a home for the elderly and emphasized on the importance of special occasions like Durga Puja which brings everyone together.

Source: The Times of India
Photo Credit: Avik Chakraborty

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