Kumortuli Update

By Avik Chakraborty

To avoid the huge rush of enthusiasts that normally engulf Kumortuli a couple of months from now, I decided to visit there a bit early this year. I had my doubts to begin with.
“Perhaps the artists would not have started preparing the Durga idols so early, and I would not get decent snaps”, I thought.
However, to my surprise, when I reached Kumortuli last Saturday, I found them busy making the Durga idols. The work was still in its initial phase.

Kumortuli Update6
The idols to be shipped to foreign shores were their primary priority. Those needed to be completed much in advance.
Kumortuli Update
Free from the crowd of photographers who normally throng the place, I took the liberty to spend the entire evening taking snaps and exploring the place. I asked one of the artists if they ever have a month without activity- a lag month so to say.
He replied that thanks to our ‘baro mashe tero parbon’, they never go out of work.
Kumortuli Update2

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