!!! Winners !!!- প্রস্তুতি পর্বের প্রথম পাঁচ

Here we go! After receiving thousands of photos from hundreds of photographers, our judges really had their tasks cut out. We are specially thankful to our audience who made the uphill task easier with all their likes and shares.
After thoughtful deliberation, calibration and summation , we finally have the প্রস্তুতি পর্বের প্রথম পাঁচ photographers :

The first position goes to Pritam Datta (Alok Chitra)
Saikat Khanra came in a close Second.
Sudipta Das and Sarbani Bhattacherjee are tied Third.
We have a tie as well for the Fourth position between Subhojyoti Gupta, Sukanta Ghosh & Sambhu Ghosh.
Sayan Raha came a close Fifth.

Among the many who sent us photos, there are some who missed the top five by a whisker. Our jury recognized their efforts and created a ‘Special Mention’ category.
Jury Special Mentions-
Pratip Parthosarothi Saha
Tanmoy Ghosh
Sourav mondal
Raunak Sarkar
Rupam Roy
Avik Saha

Congratulations everyone!!! Your certificates await you and will be mailed shortly. As promised a special Amazon Gift Card worth Rs2000/- will be mailed to the First Position Holder.

We also take this opportunity to announce that we would organize a special Photo Contest centred around the 5 Puja days. Details will be put up on our website shortly !!!

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