Puja preparations in full swing at the Dutta Chaudhury family Puja at Andul

The Dutta Chaudhuries have been celebrating Durga puja from 14th Century; most probably when Devdas (Tekari) Dutta Bishwas had came to Andul from Bally.
The prepatation and rituals being observed with the same tradition till date by the present generations, with few alterations.
This year the Dutta Chaudhuris are celebrating their 407th Puja.
The bedhi of the deity is still now of soil, which is very unique and is believe to be very spiritually awaken (jagrata). There have had several divine super-natural sights. And for this reason, Chandi Mandap of this family is consider as a ‘shidho peeth’.
The Dutta Chaudhuri family celebrates three other Pujas in North Kolkata- the Pujas conducted by the descendants of Madan Mohan Dutta, the Hatkhola Dutta Bari Puja the Puja at Dutta Bari in Balaram De Street.

Courtesy: Dhruba Dutta Chaudhury

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