Spreading the Puja cheer to the Underprivileged

Durga Puja is the joyous festival that we eagerly look forward to all through the year. Our beloved city Kolkata turns prettier with the lights and décor, themed pandals and above all, the unfathomable spirit of her people. Her streets are flooded with happy faces, all decked up to their best and enjoying Ma’s homecoming.
Amidst all the gifts and glitter, there are some, left isolated from these festivities. They were born poor hence fortune denies them the rights of being an integral part of the festival. They stand as strangers as they watch others rejoicing in the spirit of Durga Puja, knowing well that they will never experience those moments. However, speaking of festivals, the little ones deserve the best of it. This holds true for the ill-starred, poor street-kids as well. We should not let them be standing behind the mandaps, scantily clad, with eyes full of tears. One act of kindness can go a long way in creating happiness for these street-kids stuck in a desolate place. Agamani started her journey with the idea of spreading happiness among these poor kids.


In the first year of her inception (2011), the cause was highly appreciated as 400 poor children were smiled that time. On 16th August, 2012, the organization was formally registered under West Bengal Societies’ Registration Act, 1961 (NO.S/1L/94933). The four prime domains where Agamani works at present are: 1. Dress distribution 2. Food distribution 3. Arranging health camps and providing medicines to poor 4. Supporting education of children in remote villages.
Agamani is in the sixth year of her voyage, and keeps fulfilling her promise by distributing dresses among street-dwellers of Kolkata and suburbs before Durga Puja. Children are their main focus, so eighty five percent of the dresses are for the children, and rest are for the homeless elderly beggars, physically and mentally challenged persons and women. Agamani reaches out to the new parents and enable them to dress up their neonates for the first ever Durga Puja. The volunteers of Agamani go around the city all through the night before the Puja to distribute the tokens of happiness to the little Angels, at places like Nager Bazar, Dumdum, Bagbazar, Moulali, Park Circus, Rash Behari, Chetla, Deshapriya Park and lots more. They also cover other zones like Rahara, Belur and Jamtara (Jharkhand). This year, Agamani is planning to distribute as many as nine hundred new dresses, which equals the magnitude of last year’s distributions.




At present, almost two hundred people have associated themselves as volunteers with this organization and together they are moving ahead to make long-lasting impact in the lives of street-kids. You may please find details about the activities at Agamani’s website (www.agamani.org) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/vijaya.agamani). You can also contact us over telephone or via WhatsApp on this no. +91 8450833083. All the members of Agamani cordially invite you to join this venture to make this world a better living place for the ill-starred street children.

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